Commodore 64(C64) ROMs

Game title Rating Downloads
Sex_games 3.8/5 50,051
Mario 3.7/5 19,084
Mariobros 4.1/5 11,748
Sex_Games.Landisoft.+2d-REM 3.8/5 8,712
007_the_living_daylights 4.4/5 8,662
Toki 4.3/5 8,337
Digdug 3.8/5 8,103
Thundercats 4/5 7,860
Ghostbusters_2 4.6/5 7,792
1942 4.5/5 7,465
Pang 3.3/5 7,028
River_Raid.Activision.CRT-original 4/5 6,496
Great_giana_sisters 4.3/5 6,318
Mariobros2 4.3/5 6,172
Barbarian 3.5/5 6,165
Gyruss 4.7/5 5,151
Amazing_Spiderman.Microprose.+1-Censor_Design 4.4/5 4,326
Giants_Revenge.Thor 4.7/5 3,545
Mrdo 3.3/5 3,529
Jumpman 5/5 3,368

Commodore 64 / C64 Information

Commodore 64, also known as Commodore C64C or Commodore C64 II appeared on the market for the first time in March 1983 with the price of $599. At that time students couldn’t afford that amount of money to which it was necessary to add the cost of external drive – about $360 and color monitor.

Commodore 64 – a computer, which started the careers of many IT professionals of today (especially in the US and Japan, in Europe it had a competitor – ZX Spectrum). In the 1980s, in capitalist countries you could easily find a countless number of add-ons, accessories and peripherals for this home computer. Because of that, many young computer enthusiasts were skipping school, spending sleepless (but exciting) nights in front of monitor. At that time x86 PC still has been competing with the Commodore for market share. It was the time of formation of the personal computer technology, and interest in this area has pushed many young people to choose a career in the IT field. Many of the Commodore 64 games have been converted into roms games that you can download for free and play on your modern computer. Find out the largest collection of Commodore 64 roms games here.